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Stormy End to Spectacular Weekend?

Jason Samenow @ 12:32 AM

Yesterday couldn't have been better (75 at both Reagan National and Dulles), and with warm conditions persisting, the bulk of today looks fine as well. But we shouldn't completely let our guard down.

An energetic cold front will sweep through late in the day -- so while it will be warm and pleasant during most of the daylight hours, the winds will gradually kick-up and a strong thunderstorm or two can't be ruled out during the late afternoon or evening hours (best chance between 4 and 8pm). The chance of a storm is just about 1/4 (25%) around town, with chances increasing northwest of DC.

The Storm Prediction Center has our area under a "slight risk" of severe storms and says:
Image courtesy AccuWeather

Sunday Reading: Washington Post Article on Weather Catastrophes

The Outlook section has an insightful column by Mark Svengold on weather catastrophes and our obsession with them. It offers an intellectual rationale for what Svengold has dubbed "catasrophilia":
In an era when the wilderness, the untamed natural world, seems largely to have become circumscribed -- all the great rivers dammed, the forests harvested like Christmas tree farms -- violent storms give the lie to the old Enlightenment fantasy of control over nature; in this record-breaking season, they have revealed the boundlessness of nature, its sheer unpredictability, its daunting scale. And they feed our catastrophilia.
I guess that makes many of us "catastrophiles." Sounds kind of sinister -- don't think I like it.

Sunday Listening: Great WeatherTalk Radio Program Set

Tony Pann and Justin Berk have a couple of heavyweights appearing on their radio program today on WCBM 680 at 3pm. Louis Uccellini, director of NOAA's National Center for Environmental Prediction and Larry Cosgrove, from WeatherAmerica, will be their guests. Both will discuss the outlook for the coming winter. Speaking of which, have you entered our winter snowfall prediction contest?


Philadelphia at Washington
Where: FedEx Field
When: Today, 8:30pm
Weather Impact: For those arriving early to tailgate, slight risk of a gusty thunderstorm between 5 and 7pm. The game should be dry but westerly winds of 20-25 mph (with higher gusts) will be a factor in the passing game. Temperatures will drop from the low 60s into the high 50s during the game, but it will feel cooler with the wind. Score prediction: Redskins 17, Eagles 3
What to wear: Any rain should be done before the game, but have a poncho in your back pocket. A fleece or warm-up jacket should serve you well during the game.

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