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Brief late evening update and SchoolCast

Jason Samenow @ 10:59 PM


Mostly light snow should continue for several more hours--some upper level energy is helping to keep the snow going. Accumulations across the area have generally been in the 1-3" range, with some 4"+ totals south and southeast. National Airport had received its first inch of the season as of 8:45pm. See Preliminary snow totals. By the time the storm has ended, our 2-4" forecast should verify quite nicely.

Schoolcast (for Tuesday):

Commentary: There should be quite a few delays in the morning I imagine. There could be school closings in one or two of the "softer" school systems and some of the counties to the south where heavier amounts have fallen (i.e. Charles and Prince William), but I wouldn't bank on it. I imagine DC schools will open on time.

Finally, you can record your snow totals on's new snow reporting page.

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