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Friday - Finally Fantastic (plus sunny weather, too)

A. Camden Walker @ 2:02 AM

FORECAST: Color Guard on-deck! Wind, sun - but oh it isn't the simpliest today, no no no!

You'll see an iridescent, chilly sunrise this morning illuminating the sky. Crisp mid 30's will bump up to an afternoon 45 degrees! Blustery winds will be around, just like last Friday. Be sure to bundle up and not let the sunshine fool your senses. Those of you in the Blue Ridge may see more clouds around the I-81 corridor--it appears they want to hang on, today! Generally, I still refuse to break out my scarves like some folks, but it might be advisable!

THIS is your morning, DC! Hello Friday!
WINDY!!! hold on tight!

Altruistic Albedo? Snow-cover's key role in temperature forecasts

Assisting nighttime lows in falling much lower than if not present, a blanket of Snowpack--especially new snowfall--is extremely important to account for when making a forecast after a winter storm. Temperatures will be lower at night and, to a slightly lesser extent, daytime highs are effected as well. One of the most powerfully reflective natural materials on Earth--snow such as that at the covered poles--can reflect almost 80% of solar energy back into Space!

Albedo is a factor for folks who ski & snowboard. Pros have noticed that over the years they usually get sunburns quickly, and should lather on extra sunblock. The lights of a city are also reflected at night off of a new snowpack, giving a pink glow to the air if clouds are still present overhead to create the best snow-cloud refraction.

Interestingly, snow will appear in a concave manner around large plants and trees during deep snows. One might think that accumulation near a tree trunk was not as great as the surrounding area and thus the "carved out" appearance that the tree has maintained with the snow around it. But this, in fact, is infrared melting the tree has performed on the surround snow. The window in which snow has the greatest Albedo is in the Visible & Ultraviolet portions of the electromagnetic (light) spectrum. The sun's energy can slowly melt snow with infrared rays just as a tree does on a smaller scale. But this process is slow due to the low sun-angle during winter. And as soon as the sun sets, or clouds develop, the surface environment comes under substantial control by an unbroken, solid snowpack--once again.

Snow Lover's Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Snow: Monday pre-dawn through daytime
Probability: 50%
Potential Impact:
Commentary: A day time event keeps roads passable. Expect, at best, half of the grass accumulation on roads/sidewalks. Temperatures will be hovering close enough to 32 degrees whereby rock salt/road salt will be highly effective. Should be pretty AND may be moderately heavy at times!

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