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New Year's Eve Edition: Funniest Weather Videos of 2005

Jason Samenow @ 12:53 AM

For many of us, today will be a long one, so I'm going to break the forecast into three parts...

This morning, expect light rain showers, with about 50% coverage. Not everyone will see measurable rain. Temperatures will be on the cool side -- beginning the day around 35 and slowly rising to around 40 by noon.

The afternoon should be largely dry, with perhaps a peek of sun emerging from the clouds. High temperatures should reach the low to mid 40s.

This evening
, party-goers can expect skies to gradually clear with temperatures falling from near 40 at 8pm to the mid 30s by the New Year. You'll definitely want to dress warmly if you're going to be out and about.

2005's Top 5 Funniest Weather Videos

All of the following videos were shown on in 2005. Some contain profanity. Use your discretion. Best viewed on a high speed internet connection with the requisite media players.

5. World's Worst Weatherman: In a performance so hard to watch it's funny, Louis (from Ohio University's TV station) sets the new standard for an awkward weathercast.

4. Mark Mathis Compilation #1: Hilarious takes from former Charlotte weatherman Mark Mathis (now in Grand Junction, Colorado).

3. CNN's Chad Myers Spazzes Out: In the wee hours, just hours before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Chad Myers loses his cool on international television.

2. "We're Gonna Make Mother Nature Our Bitch": (Supercalifragilisticexpiali)DOPPLER radar spoof.

1. Mark Mathis Compilation #2: Classic Mathis, and all over cyberspace. I laugh everytime I watch it.

Honorable mention: Weatherman flips out on camera and "The forecast you're not going to have to wait for...".

New TV Show about Weathercasters?

Bob Wiltfong, a writer for The Daily Show, is pitching a TV show called "The Weathermen Boys" based on his experience as a local TV news reporter. From

"Matt and I are also busy these days pitching our sitcom pilot, The Weathermen Boys. The Weathermen Boys screened in the New York Television Festival this Fall and did very well (we're happy to report)...."

"It's the story of two brothers of a forecasting legend in a local TV station in Omaha, Nebraska who team up to forecast the weather when their father retires."

Tropical Storm Zeta

In the words of John McEnroe: "You cannot be serious." But it's true. We've got another tropical storm. Because it's late and I'm tired (as is this tropical season), I'll defer to meteorologist Jeff Masters from WUnderground, to update us on Zeta:
The unbelievable Hurricane Season of 2005 has decided to ring in the New Year with a final tropical storm, and a final record. Satellite imagery indicates that an area of low pressure in the eastern Atlantic has developed into Tropical Storm Zeta about 1000 miles south-southwest of the Azores. Zeta is the latest tropical storm on record to form in the Atlantic. The previous record was held by Hurricane Alice of 1954, which also formed on December 30, but earlier in the day than Zeta.
You can read his full post at his WUnderBlog.

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