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Not Raining Men

Steve Scolnik @ 4:45 PM

A thin overcast has blocked enough of the early December sun to keep the mercury (or electronic sensor) struggling to reach even the mid 40s in the Washington DC metro area this afternoon. Scattered precipitation, mostly of the frozen kind, ahead of a weak low pressure trough moving eastward from the Ohio Valley reached Elkins, West Virginia and parts of the Maryland panhandle by 3:30. Morgantown and Parkersburg are also currently reporting light snow. It would not be out of the question to see a flurry or two in at least the far western portions of the region this evening.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Tonight and tomorrow should see similar temperatures to today's: lows in the low 30s, highs near 43. Clearing skies tonight should yield a sunny day for tomorrow.

Tropical Beat Goes On, and On . . .

Epsilon reached near hurricane strength last night at a maximum wind speed of 70 mph. It was becoming more organized and trying to develop an eye this morning, but max winds were down to 65 mph. It is now back up to 70 mph, moving northeastward away from Bermuda. With a little δv (change in velocity), it could still become a hurricane briefly before weakening over cooler waters.

Shapely Pin-ups

SnowflakesNo, we're not talking about the Weather Girls here. The publications section (not online) of the November Bulletin of the AMS has an announcement of the Snowflakes calendar for 2006. This is a project of CalTech professor and chairman of the physics department Kenneth G. Libbrecht. One of his research areas is the physics of crystal growth and pattern formation in ice, and he is the proprietor of Also new this year is The Magic of Snowflakes, a collection of snowflake-photograph postcards. Prof. Libbrecht has previously written the books The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty and The Little Book Of Snowflakes.

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