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Tricky forecast: To snow or not snow Sunday?

Jason Samenow @ 12:00 PM

Noon update:Latest guidance still suggests most precipitation will stay to our southeast tomorrow. I cannot rule out some flurries, and the storm is close enough that it needs to be watched carefully.

Today's forecast is the easy part: We'll see quite a few clouds around which should hold high temperatures in the low to mid 40s -- pretty close to our average of 46. Interestingly, yesterday was the first day this month in which temperatures were above average.

Tomorrow, we'll need to watch the northwest edge of an area of snow that will develop to the south -- associated with a storm developing in the Southeast. The snow may only get as far as Richmond, or it could make it into our parts. But, as of now, my gut says just a few flurries around here Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned.

Tooting Our Own Horn

While I was on vacation, the team successfully "nailed" the forecast for two complex winter storms. And we also got the storm on December 5th right. That makes us 3/3 forecasting winter storms this season. No other forecast outlet has been as accurate forecasting winter storms as the team. We have identified the potential for all three events at least four to five days in advance and have posted forecasts leading up to the event that have been consistent, and ultimately spot-on accurate. This doesn't mean we won't blow a forecast sometime this winter, but I'm proud of our early successes and the collective efforts of everyone involved. I'd also like to thank all of you that visit the site, who comment and help make this such a fun little venture. We hope to continue improving the content and site features, and also hope our forecasting continues to shine.

Snow Lover's Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Accumulating Snow: Sunday
Probability: 20%
Potential Impact:
Commentary: Low pressure developing in the Southeast will move northeastward to a position off the North Carolina coast. A period of light snow is possible (but not likely), particularly south and east of town.

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