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Mild, wet Sunday

Jason Samenow @ 8:30 AM

Today's Forecast

It's going to be a rather gloomy and damp day due to a warm frontal passage. Clouds will thicken this morning, and by mid morning, some rain showers should commence. Expect on and off light to moderate rain showers through the afternoon. Temperatures, as you may expect with a passing warm front, will be mild -- with highs in the low to mid 50s. The rain should taper off early this evening, followed by partial clearing overnight, and lows 40-45.

Tomorrow, I'll post the week ahead forecast -- that is, assuming I'm not pre-empting it for special, in-depth coverage of an approaching winter storm for Monday night and Tuesday...

Sunrise at the Penderbrook Golf Course, Fairfax, VA this morning, by photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Could It Really Snow Monday Night?

Possibly...maybe. The storm which the models killed yesterday has been resurrected. This is not a surprising development as model flip flopping has been the norm this season. I'm not wild about the chances of accumulating snow, but an energetic jet stream and the potential for explosive coastal development does have my attention...

Snow Lover's Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Accumulating Snow: Tuesday, Jan. 31
Probability: 20%
Potential Impact:
The models are bringing this storm a bit closer to the coast. Working against significant snow is the general lack of cold air and the fact the DC area does not typically realize significant accumulations in rain to snow situations (which this would be). What's working in favor of seeing snow is the fact that this storm may deepen rather rapidly to our east and effectively draw in some cold air. Right now my hunch would be mostly rain, with a period of snow at the end of the event, early Tuesday morning. Note: this could still be a total miss.

This Post is Dedicated to the Suffering Snowman Population

According to the Onion, snowmen across the world rallied Tuesday to protest the toll global warming is taking on their health and well-being. And here in Washington, Jesse Jackson led thousands of overcome snowmen in a procession on the mall. Excerpt from the article:
The protest was largely peaceful, disrupted only by a disturbing incident in which one distraught snowman hurled himself into the reflecting pool of the National Mall. He suffered third degree slush on over 90 percent of his body before rescuers could recover him. He was rushed to a local meat locker where he was pronounced melted on arrival.
Please keep the snowmen in your prayers during this snowless January.

Image courtesy The Onion

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