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Nifty Fifty

Steve Scolnik @ 4:30 PM

Abundant sunshine pushed temperatures to 50 and above throughout the Washington DC metro area this afternoon, although a wind shift to south has knocked off a couple of degrees at the Usual Suspects. A developing low pressure area in the lower Mississippi Valley will move northeastward, bringing increasing clouds tonight and rain by tomorrow afternoon. The rain from this system had reached as far as southern Ohio by mid afternoon.

Tonight and Tomorrow

For tonight, clouds will increase with lows near 40, plus a couple of degrees in town, minus a couple in the 'burbs. Tomorrow will be cloudy with showers arriving by 1pm and a 60% chance of rain into the evening; highs will be around 57.

Could Be Worse

If you want snow, try Japan, where troops are battling to reach mountain villages cut off for two days by accumulations as much as 10 feet. In the Other Washington, Seattle is closing in on its record for consecutive days with measurable rain.

Photo from Getty Images via AFP and USA Today

Broadcast News

The dcrtv blog reports that WRC Channel 4 has launched the beta version of their Weather Plus web site. Weather Plus is an all-digital broadcast channel produced nationally by NBC Universal and affiliated with local stations reaching 60% of U.S. households. The broadcast channel is available on Channel 4's digital signal and on digital cable such as Comcast channel 208. It consists of 15-minute segments split between national and local coverage, including 3 minutes of commercials.

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