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Saturday's Blowout Edition

Jason Samenow @ 1:32 AM


Blowout is today's operative word. It's what the Redskins are going to do the Seahawks and it characterizes the weather.

The cold front which triggered gusty thunderstorms overnight is history, but strong northwest winds will rake us in its wake. Not only will we deal with strong winds, but we'll also have slowly falling temperatures (and snowshowers tonight???). So the cliches bundle up and hold onto your hats apply today.

Forecast Details

When you get up and head out this morning, it will be breezy with temperatures near 50. The wind will really whip up by early afternoon and should reach sustained levels of 25-30 mph by evening. With the possibility of gusts of over 40mph, there could be some power outages. In other words, have a backup plan in case you lose power during the Redskins game (beginning at 4:30pm). Temperatures, meanwhile, will gradually fall through the 40s in the afternoon.

The strong winds will persist overnight. And yes, there could be a few rain and/or snowshowers (50/50 chance) as some precipitation wraps around the backside of the deepening low to our northeast. I expect no accumulation. Temperatures will fall from near 40 into the low 30s.

Sunday will continue windy, and looks to be partly sunny and cool -- with highs 40-45 (it will feel cooler than that with the wind chill).

Pictured: Approaching sunset in Reston, VA as a storm system approaches. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Redskins' Gamecast

Washington at Seattle
Where: Qwest Field
When: Today, 4:30pm
Weather: Occasional rain showers. Temperatures in the 40s. Score prediction: Skins 31, Seahawks 10
What to wear: Rain gear and layers, if you're among the 30% with seats not under cover. Otherwise, just warm layers.

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