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Special Brief PM Update

Jason Samenow @ 5:36 PM

Monday night/Tuesday Storm Update

Reporting from the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Atlanta... I hung out a bit with Paul Kocin, The Weather Channel's Winter Weather Expert this afternoon, and like me, he is not impressed with the scenario and chances for significant snow here Monday night and Tuesday. But he still thinks it needs to be watched closely and that the models may not get a decent handle on what is going to happen until very close to the event. I also spoke briefly with Mike Seidel of The Weather Channel who seemed similarly unimpressed.

The latest models show a range of possibilities ranging from not much of anything to heavy rain changing to heavy snow before ending. I'm still thinking this will largely be a rain event, with some wet snow at the end. Stay tuned for a full update in tomorrow's post, which will appear some time after midnight tonight.

WeatherFest Fun

At the Annual Meeting of the AMS in Atlanta, they held WeatherFest today -- a public outreach event. I represented EPA (my day job employer) at the "Meet the Meteorologist" booth where I answered questions from the public (this is where I interacted with Paul Kocin, Dr. Greg Forbes, Weather Channel Severe Weather Expert, and Max Mayfield, Director of the National Hurricane center, among others). It was a lot of fun speaking with the scores of weather enthusiasts who attended. The Weather Channel had a cool both where attendees could practice on-camera delivery with b-roll of severe weather in the background. In all, there were nearly 100 booths and over 2500 people attended.

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