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Tripping Down the Streets of the City

Steve Scolnik @ 5:14 PM

It's another Windy day on the streets of the Nation's Capital, although not as blustery as yesterday. Following an official low of 29, 2 degrees above the long-term average, temperatures were struggling to approach 40 at mid afternoon, increasing the chances this will be the first below-average day since the 7th and only the second in over a month. As Josh has described below, a milder trend is on the way for the weekend.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Tonight, clear skies and low winds should allow temperatures to drop into the low 20s in the city, upper teens in the 'burbs, a level that hasn't been seen so far this month. Tomorrow's sunny skies and more southerly breezes should push temperatures to near 49.

Winds of Change

It may seem as if we have been unusually buffeted by winds this month, but the monthly average of 9.8 mph through yesterday is slightly below the long-term average of 10.2. Winds have been more extreme in the second half of the month, with peak winds over 40 mph on 5 days from the 14th on, including yesterday. As you might expect, March is the windiest month on the average, at 11.1 mph. August is the least windy; its average is 8.3.

While you're holding on to your hat, Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina has been having difficulty holding on to 300-lb boulders. The UK Met Office reports that winds gusting over 200 mph yesterday set a new record and played havoc with the visitor's center there, ripping out floor tiles and opening a locked door. More coverage is available from the Charlotte Observer and WRAL-TV. chart from NWS data, photo by Kevin Ambrose

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