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The Week Ahead: Winter Remains in Hiding

Jason Samenow @ 1:00 AM

It's amazing: this week's weather is going to be much more characteristic of mid-March than mid-January. Keep in mind, the next 12 days are usually the coldest of the winter. Not this year. Temperatures in the immediate DC area are unlikely to go below 35 degrees (with the possible exception of next Saturday night) the whole week. Three days (Monday, Thursday and Friday), we'll flirt with 60. Pity the fools who love snow.

Daily Details

Today: Expect a mix of clouds and sun and unseasonably mild air given strong southerly flow (south winds at about 15mph). Many areas will see the mercury max out near 60, although locations near the river and bay will be a few degrees cooler. Overnight a weak cold front will move through, and lows will reach the mid 30s inside the beltway, and near freezing in the colder suburbs.

Tomorrow: The post frontal northerly flow will cool it down a bit. With a mix of sun and clouds, 50 may be do it for the high temperature. Clouds increase overnight and winds shift to southerly. This will keep low temperatures up -- in the mid to high 30s.

Wednesday: A weakening disturbance will swing by to our northwest, causing an increase in cloudiness and likely some showers, particularly in the afternoon and evening. Temperatures should reach the low 50s. Clearing should be slow overnight, with low temperatures 35-40.

Thursday: High pressure is likely to build in, and with plenty of sunshine and a relatively mild airmass in place, temperatures may take aim at 60. Overnight, with clear skies, suburban locations could experience freezing temps -- but inside the beltway, I'll call for a low in the upper 30s.

Friday: As a low pressure system develops in the Midwest, winds will become southwesterly over our area and temperatures will aim high again - with 60-65 a possibility. Overnight, said low deepens and begins taking aim at our area, with rain developing after midnight. Low temperatures may not drop significantly-- right now, I'll say lows only near 50 (given very strong warm advection).

Saturday: What may be a pretty strong storm will move through the area. Rain (maybe heavy), even a thunderstorm can't be ruled out. The cold front is likely to pass around midday and it could turn quite windy and cooler in its wake. I'll call for morning highs in the mid 50s, but falling through the 40s during the afternoon. Overnight, expect slow clearing, and breezy conditions with low temperatures in the mid 30s.

Sunday: High pressure should build in -- but as has been the case the last several weeks -- the cold air behind the passing storm will not have much bite. Expect partly sunny skies and high temperatures in the mid to upper 40s.

Climatology Notes: The average high this week is in the low 40s and the average low is in upper 20s (low to mid 20s in the suburbs). As noted at the beginning of the post, this week is the start of the coldest stretch of the year normally. It can be quite warm though: In 1932, record highs of 75, 76, and 77 were set on three consecutive days (January 13, 14 and 15).

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