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Bands of snow overnight: Storm update #3

Jason Samenow @ 12:00 AM

The next update will be around 8am.

Report and Map Snow Totals Where You Live Here.

Bands of snow will continue overnight, some heavy and with thunder. The forecast remains for total accumulations to be in the range of 6-9" by morning, but more likely towards the lower end of that range (or a bit less) in downtown DC and near the Potomac River on the south side of town.

Winter Storm Forecast: Saturday midday, Feb. 11 -- Sunday A.M., Feb. 12

Midnight to 4am
Snow, heavy at times. 2-4" possible in metro area during this period. Isolated thundersnow possible. Temperatures 29-32.
4am to 11am:
Snow gradually diminishes SW to NE - up to 1" additional accumulation, more N & E. Becoming windy, cold. Temperatures 28-31.
Storm Impact: Travelcast:Schoolcast (Mon.):

Frequently asked Questions (updated as of 4:30pm)

Where will the heaviest snow fall? North and west of town and northeast of town.

What was up with the rain? Is that going to affect how much snow we get? I attribute the rain to the lack of a strong high to the north that would've helped funnel cold air southward at low levels. So even though it was sufficiently cold aloft for snow, it was too warm at the surface. This fact was overlooked by all forecasters. However, as we weren't expecting most of the accumulation until night time and the amount of rain was light, I only imagine it would eat into about 5-10% of the accumulation potential.

When will travel be most difficult? In the next 4-8 hours.

When will conditions improve? Most snow should taper off by mid morning Sunday. However, it will remain breezy and cold and it may take until Sunday night and Monday for neighborhood roads to be plowed.

What are other forecasters saying? Here is a summary of forecasts which have been updated:
  • The National Weather Service is forecasting 6-12" total
  • Channel 4 (Chuck Bell) is calling for 5-8" in the metro area, more N & W and less S & E
  • Channel 5 is forecasting 4-6"
  • Channel 7 is calling for 4-8"
  • Tony Pann and Topper Shutt (Channel 9) are forecasting 5-8"
  • Paul Kocin, Winter Weather Expert at The Weather Channel says 4-8" for DC
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