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An Eye for Snow

Jason Samenow @ 1:13 AM

High temperatures in the 50s for the next three days are going to put a big dent in the snow cover. Thankfully for snow fans, a number of visitors captured beautiful images of weekend's snowfall and contributed them via Flickr. So while the snow itself will soon be history, images of the storm, in all their glory, remain. Today's edition showcases photos from our visitors, who we thank for their submissions.

You may still submit shots if you like, or as always, you can check out snowfall results from this weekend.

Pictured: The visible satellite image of the weekend storm shows an eye-like feature off the Delmarva peninsula Sunday morning. Submitted by visitor "vvakeuplookup"

Photos from visitors

Photos top left to right by "mattdemarco","Miss Chatter" and "tinabgibby". Location of left and center image unknown, right image taken in Fairfax. Bottom images of statues on Capitol Hill taken by Nick Sundt.

Photos by Kevin Ambrose

Here are a couple images from photographer Kevin Ambrose, taken in Reston and Oakton, respectively during the last couple of days:

Snow Lover's Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Accumulating Snow: Saturday, February 18 and early during week of Monday, Feb 20
Probability: 15% and 25%
Potential Impact:
Commentary: After a strong Arctic front passes through Friday night significantly dropping temperatures, a wave of low pressure may develop along the front to our south. Any snow that develops is likely to stay south of us, but it bears watching. Early next week, a number of waves may develop in the south, but it is unclear whether any of them will head northeastward towards our area or stay suppressed and go out to sea.

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