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It's Too Darn Cold

Jason Samenow @ 2:28 AM

Washingtonians will awaken to the coldest morning of the winter. Temperatures should range from 7-14, with the lowest readings in the north and west suburbs. Despite abundant sunshine, high temperatures should only make it to around 30 this afternoon. Dress warmly.

Temperatures will moderate beginning tomorrow--when your detailed week ahead forecast will be posted right here. To get a sneak peek of the week ahead, tune in to Tony Pann and Justin Berk's WeatherTalkRadio show today at 3:00pm on WCBM 680 (Baltimore). They'll have the usual "7-Day Battle" not to mention the meteorologist for NASCAR on the program.

What A Difference A Week Makes

Last week, we were waking up to 6+ inches of snow across the area. Now we have just have bare ground. Of course, if snow cover had remained, this morning's temperatures would have been a good 5 degrees colder -- with some locations flirting with zero. Anyways, here's a reminder of what happened one week ago...

Pictured: Heavy snow had piled up in Fairfax, Va. (Penderbrook) last Sunday but is all gone now. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Fan Mail

The team received the following email. I am at a loss for words.
I got trolled [and banned] on EasternWX Forums for complaining about partly cloudy too much. ...STOP USING PARTLY CLOUDY DURING DAYLIGHT FORECASTS ... If you still do this when summer comes, I WILL NEVER VISIT YOUR SITE EVER AGAIN!!! Please, stop being so politically correct with your forecasts and please mention the sun more. This is like having African Americans having all of the priority privileges compared to the Caucasians and I am not happy about a few clouds that really don't affect people's expressions.

To me, PARTLY CLOUDY SEEMS MUCH MORE DISAPPOINTING AND NEGATIVE SOUNDING THAN PARTLY SUNNY OR MOSTLY SUNNY! ... if you can't stop, please keep track of the number of partly cloudy days that actually have SIGNIFICANT CLOUD COVER! It all started when you posted the "Embarking on the Partly Cloudy Train" topic on May 1st, 2005, the beginning of what is supposed to be the most beautiful month of the year that sounds very fall/winter sounding with the lack of sun when at that time of year there is 14 hours of no-respected sunlight! NO MORE PARTLY CLOUDY PLEASE! ESPECIALLY YOU ... !!!!! OR I WILL LEGALLY CHANGE YOUR NAME TO PARTLY CLOUDY!!!!!!!!
The official forecast for tomorrow: Partly cloudy.
Love, Partly Cloudy :)

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