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Storm Starts Slow, Finishes Strong

Dan Stillman @ 4:45 PM

Yesterday was a day of nonaccumulating snow, skeptical naysayers and waffling predictions from some forecast outlets (we won't name names -- in this post, at least). But as darkness fell, the action was just getting started. Those who went to bed thinking the first winter storm of 2006 had underperformed woke up this morning to the biggest snowfall since the Blizzard of 2003.

Storm totals in and around the District were generally in the 12-inch range, though 15 to 20 inches was common going northeast toward Baltimore. For compiled storm totals, check out: Don't forget to report your snowfall measurements to here, or to share your photos with us using flickr.

Pictured: A wintry White House, photographed today by's Ian Livingston.


Despite having all day today to clean up, it's likely there will be many delayed openings tomorrow, as well as a number of closings. CaptialWeather's official Schoolcast for tomorrow is two apples, which corresponds to a 50-50 chance of no school and a good chance of a delay, although several school systems have already thrown in the towel. WTOP has the latest on closings and delays.


Partly cloudy tonight with a low in the low 20s. Tomorrow will be partly sunny, breezy and cold with highs 35-39. Jason will have the day-by-day forecast for the week ahead in tomorrow's post.

Nervous Nellies Strike Again

As the storm got off to a slow start yesterday and into the early evening, the Nervous Nellies were out in full force once again on our comment boards. They feared the storm was going to depart without leaving behind a significant accumulation of the white stuff, many prematurely proclaiming the storm a bust.

Ye of little faith. The storm not only lived up to expectations, but in many areas exceeded them by the time it exited this morning. Jason will have a full postmortem on CapitalWeather's forecast as well as those from other outlets in tomorrow's post.

As for the Nervous Nellies -- we still love you, and to be honest it wouldn't be the same without ya.

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