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Relishing Washingtonians Head Outdoors

A. Camden Walker @ 2:02 AM

Ignoring our abnormal lack of rain for one moment, the fair skies & above-normal warmth today will, for the most part, propagate through the weekend!

Forecast: 75F Coaxes Last Few Unopened Blossoms

Click for more information on and their creative graphicsMinimum temperatures this morning should remain above 50 degrees most everywhere. As soon as our noticeably early-rising sun hits the horizon, though, we'll warm quickly--only grab a light coat as breezes are stirred by the sun. It will be markedly warm this afternoon as our siege upon the average high recently now allows us to catapult above it (61F) with temperatures hitting 75 degrees. The sun will have to fight through morning clouds, but all in all there will be at least diffuse illumination all day today.

Timing of the Warm Front passage is key today; it brings cloudcover & a couple showers that could alter one locale's conditionsHowever, there may be a sprinkle late this afternoon. Winds will be perceptible out of the southwest, but its advection of warm air will prevent it from chilling you. If a warm front bolts through the area prior to 5pm (sooner than expected), we may have a shot at 78F, but it will be warm and springlike today--no matter how you cut it.

Southerly wind inverts last Friday's conditions; clickable map courtesy of Accuweather

Saturday & Sunday:

Kevin Ambrose photography for
Pictured: Blossoms nearing peak yesterday morning. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

How strong will cool air advection be with WNW breezes?Saturday morning will find us hovering around 60 degrees under overcast skies. The ground may be damp from light overnight showers. Breezes will be substantial, out of the WSW--so hold the steering wheel tightly.

A cold front will move through after midday but not before we surpass the 70 degree mark one more time. The Metro Area could hit 74F (perhaps 79 degrees south of the Occoquan River) before quickly dropping into the 50s once the sun sets. Don't be spoiled by our warmth and think Saturday night's overnight low of 48-52 is chilly. It isn't June, yet, despite the cold front acting like it! We'll be buoyed by a slight downslope wind effect, since the Blue Ridge Mountains are perpendicular to the WNW wind streamlines at the surface overnight. To wit, we'll have substantial atmospheric mixing of our surface air so that latent warmth will not be able to irradiate away from the lowest layer of the troposphere over DC.

Of note, your chapped lips are going to heal this weekend, as a moist airmass anchors itself over us. Perhaps our "dry skin season" is over here in DC? It would be about time! However, if 60-degree dewpoint forecasts verify over the coming days, you may actually feel a hint of... mugginess?!

Sunday has questionable amounts of sunshine at midday, thus temperatures could be offSunday morning will feature sunshine & lower 50s for the Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run on the Tidal Basin. Watch for a couple short, enervating breezes out of the NW, especially along Memorial Bridge & the very flat Ohio Drive.

Some exurb areas could dip to 44 degrees Sunday morning, but everyone's afternoon highs will still reach the low-60s under mostly sunny skies & fair weather Cumulus Humilis clouds and decreasing wind near sunset.

HIGH Pollen Count this Weekend
There's not enough rain in our midst to drive down airborne pollen. Avoid going outdoors early in the morning when spore clouds are released from trees & take medications--along with your normal precautions. Peak tree pollen season is here.

* Check for even more outdoor activity calendars this weekend.

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