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Seventy Sneezy Schnozes (& CHERRY CHATTER)

A. Camden Walker @ 2:02 AM

NEW RECORD HIGH: 79 degrees at National Airport recorded for March 10.
11:00am UPDATE: National Airport has reached 72 degrees. The record high of 77F today is in jeopardy! Inner Harbor Baltimore now 72, Winchester 70, Fredericksburg 74

Forecast: Seven-Ohh! "Mushiatsui desu ne?"

Click for more information on Kevin Ambrose's photographyNo coat. No scarf. LIGHT CLOTHING reigns today! Expect highs to top 70 in all areas. Fredericksburg will hit 77. Baltimore will hit room temperature, 72 degrees. Winchester should secure 71 fairly easily. Far south and west readers have a chance at 80. All should beware gusty winds, however.Weather model guidance suggests temperatures lower than I predicted--but southerly flow predominates

Winds will be POTENT out of the southwest, gusting above 25mph at times. Skies will again allow for sunshine, but blue patches may be about as hard to find as yesterday. At least Spring warmth is here for a great end to your week, despite the filtered sunshine.

Saturday & Sunday:
Cloudcover being of top concern, temperature confidence lowers today's overall ratingSaturday morning lows will be in upper 40s for most of us, under barely sunny skies. Afternoon highs will be struggling to eclipse 70 degrees. However, light NE breezes will still allow you to enjoy this mild stretch of weather.  Chances of precipitation remain at 25% or less.

Sunday will have the most substantial chance of rain all weekend--precip and temps are difficult to pinSunday morning will maintain the 50 degree mark. We should surpass 72 in the afternoon, but chances of rain and thundershowers threaten to dampen our warm parade (chances above 40%). Besides being vigilant during this afternoon chance of rain, look for partly sunny skies and tolerable southerly breezes. This weekend will surely go down as Spring's first assertion of the year! Enjoy.

An outdoor mural along the W&OD trail near the old train station in Vienna, VA. Click photo for more.

Pollen Sneezers Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Allergy Attack: Saturday A.M., March 11
Potential Impact:
Commentary: See that budding tree innocently smiling at you?  Be warned, the pollen it is pumping out will reach your nose momentarily--perhaps you can already feel it in your eyes.  I can.  Don't be fooled, most trees (like this one that Kevin Ambrose captured) don't bother to disguise their allergy-attack intentions.  Now that growing season is here-- below freezing temperatures nowhere on the horizon for downtown DC--war has begun.  While taking your antihistamine or phedrine-friends, give a cold welcome to Allergy Season.

Washington's Cherry Blossoms: A Uniquely Pink Welcome to Spring

Cherry Blossom close-upYou name a city in the U.S. that ushers in the Spring season as stupendously as D.C.--with such style and fervor--and I'll give you a plane ticket to fly there.  Can you honestly think of any celebration, in any city (especially in the colonial-rooted Megalopolis) that celebrates renewal, friendship, and unique city identity as profoundly as Washington?

Sure, admittedly, Washington, D.C. shows its red-white-&-blue during Independence Day on July 4.  However, it is not simply the friendship between nations that created the unique pink celebration around the Tidal Basin and lower portions of the National Mall.  The mayors of Tokyo & Washington were (and still continue onward) celebrating, also, the identity of their own, individual cities. Tokyo & Washington being the capitals of their respective nations only add more international flavor to the festivities.

On Thursday (March 9), the Yoshino Cherry Blossoms' peak-bloomage prediction announcement was made by chief horticulturist Robert DeFeo. Thus, the National Park Service predicts, in this Washington Post article, that 70% of blossoms will be open between March 27 & April 1. Optimal viewing can last up to two weeks, but weather can of course compress this ideal duration.

From March 25-April 9, festivities will be held around the Washington area to celebrate our unique heritage during The Cherry Blossom Festival.

Check for outdoor activity calendars!

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