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Bring on the sun

Jason Samenow @ 8:04 AM

After a dismal Saturday, the sunshine returns in full force today. With high pressure building in from the west, temperatures should reach 60 as we begin a stretch of beautiful spring weather. A detailed week ahead forecast will appear tomorrow.

Ambrose photo: The sun emerges as it sets yesterday evening in Oakton. By photographer Kevin Ambrose

Poll Results

For the past two weeks, we asked "Who's your favorite primary weathercaster"? Over 200 votes came in and here are the results: Topper Shutt brings up the rear with 40 votes. Closely following Topper is Sue Palka, with 42 votes. Bob Ryan and Doug Hill were the top two, receiving 77 and 78 votes respectively. So clearly Bob and Doug lead the way in popularity among visitors with Topper and Sue lagging, but with their set of fans.

The poll for the next two weeks is "Who is your favorite morning weathercaster?" Get those votes in.


  • WeatherTalkRadio is on today at 3:05pm with Tony Pann and Justin Berk on WCBM -680 (Baltimore). Saving the world's oceans and severe weather are on the show's agenda....
  • As previewed here at (by Camden), It Could Happen Tomorrow airs on The Weather Channel tonight at 9:30pm.

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