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Precipitation Protests Presence - Dry Weekend Ahead!

A. Camden Walker @ 1:02 AM

UPDATE 12:00pm - Temperatures around the Beltway will make it into the mid-60s, upper-60s possible south of town.
Clear Skies still prevail over 90+% of the region.  Enjoy your fantastic Friday!

Forecast: Delightful & Mild

Click for more information on graphics by Accuweather.comThe commute is a tad chilly this morning with dawn temps from the middle 40s to 53 in the city. Expect conditions today to be brilliantly sunny with highs around 63

The sun should make this feel quite comfortable, but arguably just barely too cool for our " Seal of Approval"-Nice Day threshold. Northeasterly winds will be blowing from time to time, and this could bring in more clouds and cooler temperatures east of the Chesapeake Bay. How much will the NNE breeze cool us after blowing over the Bay?Annapolis & Salisbury, for instance, may need to watch for a cooler afternoon.

Click on graphic for source Accuweather article.

Tonight should dip near 40 degrees in most spots. Don't be surprised if your normally cold location (Fredericksburg, Luray, Hagerstown) touches 36 degrees.  Note, though, that frost is not a concern.  NNE breezes will be persistent (inhibiting the frost) and mostly light while skies remain clear--allowing all of our warm daytime radiation to escape back away from the surface & into space.

Kevin Ambrose photographs Greenbriar Town Center in Chantilly yesterdayKevin Ambrose photography for

Saturday & Sunday:

sun should ensure, confidently, highs into the 60sSaturday will be gorgeous and full of sun.  High temperatures will be roughly the same as Friday, around 63.  North of town may stick in the upper 50s, and with ENE breezes influencing townships near the Bay, 60 degrees may there, too, be out of reach.

Sunday has lots of CONFIDENT cloudiness=cool temps!Sunday starts off with limited sunshine and temperatures above 41 in the metro region (45 downtown).  ENE breezes will win the battle today in & around DC, joining with other socked-in Bay locales.  As generally overcast skies envelope DC, afternoon temperatures will hover in the upper-50s.  At least these clouds threaten no rain.  We should make it through this entire weekend precipitation-free!  Sunday, however, will indeed be the least "pretty" day of the weekend.  It may also be slightly muggy, by sunset.

Weekend Activities

SATURDAY - April 29th near Charlottesville, VA:

Wear sunscreen! With no trees near the racecourse and abundant sunshine, a sunburn is possible. It will be a crisp Spring day with late morning temperatures around 54 and late afternoon highs around 59. I'd take cool breezes over a muddy mess, ANY year for Foxfields! Have a safe, fun time.

SATURDAY - 8:30am Shaw-Cardozo & other DC public schools:
On-site volunteer registration is still possible for Hands on DC's 12th annual worth-a-thon. 2,000 volunteers (plus a team from Americorps) will spruce, clean, and help raise money for college scholarships to be awarded to outstanding DC public school students later this spring. First, register at Cardozo High School (1300 Clifton, NW)--then, you can have your choice of landscaping the outdoor grounds & repainting hallways among all 33 DC public schools receiving attention today. Wear sunscreen if landscaping outdoors, and enjoy those fresh 60-degree breezes blowing through any schools' open windows while you paint!

SUNDAY - 8:00am West Potomac Park startline:

No rain is in store, but substantial clouds will prevent solar warmth from mitigating 45 degree temperatures at race-start. NNE breezes will be perceptible as well. After a couple hours, around 10am, temperatures will rise above 50--but look for even less

SUNDAY - 2:00pm-4:30pm on The Mall:

Sunshine will be at a premium, but the mostly cloudy skies will hold back on the rain. Senators & at least one movie star are expected to speak at this rally for intervention in the Saharan-region unrest, of Sudan & Chad. Expect an ENE breeze chilling the 61 degree temperature just a bit. Bundle up slightly or jump higher with your sign (to stay warm).

Additionally: Check for more outdoor activities this weekend!

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