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Rainy Day: Raw relief...

Jason Samenow @ 12:31 AM

The weekend is here, and Saturday is a soaker. Go figure, right? On the other hand, we really need the rain. So maybe it's time to put the rain complaints on mute.


A wave of low pressure will develop along the front that passed to our south overnight, bringing steady rain to the area for most of the daylight hours (with a lull or two). With a northerly wind behind the front, cloud cover and rain falling, temperatures will remain steady in the low to mid 50s all day today. Rainfall amounts should generally be 0.5-1".

The rain should end early in the evening with clearing overnight. Low temperatures look chilly -- in the mid to high 30s.

As high pressure builds in from the west, Sunday should be sunny and pleasant, with highs 60-65.

Media Hits

Weather enthusiasts have generally bemoaned The Weather Channel's (TWC) shift from "hard core" weather reporting to "Feature" type (or long form) programming. TWC has defended the shift by citing market research that suggests it's the feature programming its viewers want. But one of the creators of TWC, John Coleman (who left TWC years ago), takes strong issue with the network's current direction in an article in the Chicago Daily Tribune:
"Their Web site is horrendous. Their channel is horrendous. They're all wrapped up in animals, health, gardening and traffic now. They've lost the focus on covering the weather. (The station's) being run by people who clearly don't understand the mission or the vision."
Coleman may have a point on the vision issue. But, on the other hand, TWC is run by people who understand the almighty dollar and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.


On the subject of feature programming, Camden previewed Sunday's edition of TWC's It Could Happen Tomorrow in yesterday's post. WxNation's Blog also offers a preview of the episode worth checking out.

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