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Saturated on Saturday

Jason Samenow @ 1:16 AM

A S-L-O-W moving front will approach our area today. Waves moving along it will enhance rainfall -- particularly this afternoon and evening.

Today's Forecast

Look for intermittent showers through early to mid afternoon. Temperatures should slowly rise from the mid 50s to the mid 60s. By late afternoon, steadier rain and some embedded thunder is possible which should last until around midnight. Rainfall amounts are likely to average around 1", but some areas may receive locally higher totals. It's a perfect day to take care of the indoor chores or checkout DC FilmFest.

Live radar loop, courtesy NWS. Refresh page to update.

Sunday's Forecast

The cold front will have moved to our east by Sunday morning, but clearing will only be partial due to an upper level wave moving by to our north, and cold air aloft. Look for partly cloudy skies with just a slight chance of a shower in the afternoon, especially north and west of DC. Most of the day is likely to be dry. Temperatures should be near average, with the high around 70.

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