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Shot Rings Out in the Memphis Sky

Matt Ross @ 12:00 AM

A hauntingly beautiful shot at dusk yesterday as a line of strong to severe thunderstorms approached the DC area, by Photographer, Kevin Ambrose


Today will be mostly sunny and very windy with highs in the mid 50s. Winds could exceed 30 mph at times, so be vigilant while driving and hold onto your hats. Wednesday looks like a less windy repeat, before temps moderate a bit through the weekend near normal in the low 60s. Temps look to warm a bit next week.

Jammin' under the blossoms on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, by Photographer Ian Livingston

38 Years Ago Today

After a very cold January and February, Spring got off to a warm start in 1968. On what was otherwise a benign day in DC with temps in the mid 70s and some showers, Martin Luther King Jr. was tragically shot and killed in Memphis 38 years ago today. Two months later on a sunny day in DC with highs around 80, Bobby Kennedy was killed in Los Angeles. An appropriately wet June followed and then a very hot July and August ensued. In a year not likely to be remembered for its weather, the weather wasn't particularly memorable and took a back seat to the many seminal events of the year. While weather is inextricably tied in with our memories of many important life events, 1968 was a year in which the events trumped the weather.

Picture Right Courtesy of Photographer Ian Livingston

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