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The Week Ahead: Lack of Extreme Weather

Jason Samenow @ 5:56 AM

The personality of the weather most of this week appears to be somewhat wooden: No soaring highs or plummeting lows -- but rather controlled and predictable--at least until late in the week. The daily details follow...


A gloomy day: An area of low pressure will skirt by to our south -- but its rain shield will extend far enough north to clip us this morning. Intermittent light rain showers are likely through early afternoon--especially south of DC. You'll want the umbrella. With the cloud cover and northerly winds, high temperatures should only reach about 60. Skies will gradually clear overnight, and temperatures should drop to into the upper 30s in the suburbs and low 40s downtown.

The National Weather Service radar (as shown top right) is down today. Track this morning's rain showers using ABC-7's Super Doppler:

Radar courtesy WJLA (ABC, Channel 7)


A refreshing and crisp day: High pressure will build in from the north as an area of low pressure spins off the Canadian maritimes. So we'll have northerly winds, partly sunny skies and seasonably cool temperatures with highs in the mid to upper 60s. Skies at night will be clear, with lows 40-45.


A beautiful day: The overall pattern will not change--so it will be another refreshing spring day. Full sunshine should allow temperatures to climb close to a pleasant 70 degrees despite a cool northerly wind. Overnight, it will not be quite as cool as the high to the north begins to weaken. Low temperatures should range from 45-50.


Another beautiful day: Weak high pressure will be the rule and temperatures should rise into the mid 70s under partly sunny skies. A warm front will pass through the area late. Mild conditions will prevail overnight, with lows 50-55.


Warmest day of the week: Strong southerly flow will bring quite mild temperatures. High temperatures may reach the upper 70s under partly cloudy skies. Overnight, a front is likely to approach from the west, resulting in increasing clouds. Low temperatures should be in the 50s.


An unsettled day. The cold front is likely to move through the area bringing a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures should be in the mid 70s. Overnight, expect partial clearing, with lows around 50.


Difficult to predict day: Saturday's front is not likely to make much progress east of the area, and a wave of low pressure may form along it on the southwest end. It's possible clouds could increase late with some rain towards evening. High temperatures are likely to be in the 60s. This forecast is quite uncertain due to lack of confidence in the position of the front and the formation of any waves along it.


Average highs this week are in the upper 60s, with average lows in the mid to upper 40s.

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