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Afternoon Showers Accompany Muggy Weather

A. Camden Walker @ 4:43 AM

Our crisp morning lows in the 50s are no more as more summer-like presence moves into our area. One might need to use windshield wipers this afternoon if leaving town, dress in shorts if going to the Nationals game tonight, and if you have one: grab the pocketbook umbrella.

Forecast: Time to Sweat

How early do showers move into our area this afternoon?Memorial Day weekend will be accompanied by our first taste of "BBQ weather"--full of warmth & humidity. We will be partly cloudy today until thunderstorms pop-up later this humid afternoon with a high temperature around 85 (upper 80s are possible south of town).

Tonight, after our thundershowers, we should level-off above 60 with downtown DC staying in the mid-60s. Skies will be mostly cloudy, with a few lingering showers especially along I-95.

Holiday Weekend: You Say You Needed Beach Weather?

southerly flow persistence enhances my confidenceSaturday should be sunny and warm, with slightly less mugginess than Friday. Look for a refreshing breeze and highs around 82°. This is a "Nice Day Stamp" contender!

Sunday will be warm, high temperatures in the lower 80s but without oppressive humidity levels. If skies turn out to be as clear & blue as I project them to be at this juncture, we may have yet another "Nice Day Stamp" out for Sunday. Similarly nice weather is expected for Monday as well.

Additionally: Check for outdoor (and indoor!) activities this weekend.

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