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Cinco de Mayo-Magnificent!

A. Camden Walker @ 1:02 AM

UPDATE 3:31pm - Thundershowers developing east of Blue Ridge, also along I-66...
I-95 corridor could be effected before sunset, south of the Beltway, with brief rain.

Forecast: Mostly Dry & 80 degrees

Click for more information on Kevin Ambrose's photographyExpect conditions today to be warm with mostly cloudy skies this afternoon -- highs around 81.  Winds will be light, but a small shower is possible in and around the Metro Area after 3pm today. How much will the clouds cool us?

Tonight should dip near 55 degrees in most spots, maybe only to 60, downtown.

Click on graphic for Kevin Ambrose's Weatherbook photography.

Saturday & Sunday:

sun should ensure, confidently, highs into the 60sSaturday will be gorgeous and full of sun.  High temperatures will be slightly cooler than Friday, around 74.  Light NW breezes will help delay serious cloudcover until right at sunset.  Slight mugginess is possible as the clouds make their presence known.

Sunday starts off cloudy but will generally be dry!  Blue sky might be hard to come by, at first, but mugginess should be lower than Saturday night.  Highs may only get to 71. At least these clouds threaten little rain--perhaps midday showers possible.  But chances are decreasing.  Stay tuned to tomorrow for an update.

Weekend Activities

FRIDAY - May 5th Cinco de Mayo:
Wear sunscreen, despite afternoon clouds! Temperatures will be warm, but UV rays may mar your melatonin if not careful.  Enjoy some chilled Coronas to commemorate the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862.  You know this is commonly misconceived as Mexico's Independence Day, right?

SATURDAY & SUNDAY- May 6 & 7 James Madison's Montpelier:
Especially on Saturday, dress lightly and be sure to wear sunscreen.  Sunday, despite more clouds and cool breezes out of the ENE, be sure to duck under a tent pretty often or wear sunscreen to be safe.  Bring a cardigan on Sunday, but know that rain will not really play a part besides a rogue sprinkle.  Cheers!

SATURDAY - 7:05 pm RFK:
No rain is in store, and pleasant weather shall prevail.  Temperatures in the lower 60s to upper 50s at game-end may force you to dress in layers... or at least dark clothing if you seats are in the sun.  On that note, if you haven't noticed my UV-protection theme, above, take your sunscreen!

SATURDAY - May 6 The Plains, VA:
Sunshine will be abundant, and temperatures will be comfortable.  Enjoy without the threat of rain-- skies will be mainly sunny, thus sunscreen is also a wise bet.  Temperatures will be in the upper 60s.  Traffic will be slightly heavy on I-66 and Route 50!

Additionally: Check for more outdoor activities this weekend!

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