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Friday Floats Above Seventy

A. Camden Walker @ 1:02 AM

Forecast: Mostly Dry at Room Temperature

Meteorologists CAN take pictures! I have nothing cool to link to, though.Good morning, Capital Commuters. A slightly sticky 50 degrees is your wake-up temperature inside the Beltway this morning; However, mid-40s in cooler country spots may dictate a coat outside of 495. Expect conditions today to be dry with patchy clouds in an otherwise sunny sky. The high late this afternoon will hit 72, perhaps 74 around the Rappahannock River region south of the District. Not bad, eh? But we deserve it after Thursday's misery.How much will the broken clouds cool us? and what about this SW wind?

Winds will blow from the "warm direction" of southwest. They'll be especially noticeable (consistently around 10mph or higher) after noon. A small shower is possible in and around the Metro Area after 3pm today. I will be sure to keep you updated if this 10% chance of rain requires you to dart to the car or desk drawer for the umbrella!

Tonight should dip to 49 degrees in most spots, maybe only to 54 in the middle of downtown. Skies will be virtually overcast except for, perhaps, significant breaks between midnight and 3am. Dress in layers if stargazing tonight or out driving to late-night social occasions!

Pictured: Washington Monument with cirrus clouds. (For the first time, I had a decent enough photo to post!)

Saturday & Sunday: Contrasting Days

morning clouds will prohibit getting above 70° fastSaturday starts off with some haze & significant clouds in the morning, but this shall give way to a sunny afternoon and a temperature rising into the lower 70s. Wind should vary in speed but have a westerly component most of the day.

Sunday we'll wake up to quickly increasing clouds, and perhaps showers in the Blue Ridge. Winds overnight will have shifted to blow from the east -- thus buoying morning low temperatures at around 55 degrees. By late morning, rain will move into the region. It will be overcast and thundershowers (at the very least) will be widespread. At least highs in the upper 60s keep it from feeling raw! I'd stay tuned to tomorrow for an update, especially if you have outdoor activities scheduled beyond late-morning Sunday.

Additionally: Check for outdoor (and indoor!) activities this weekend.

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