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The Multiple Faces of May

Matt Ross @ 12:00 AM


Today will be mostly overcast with highs below normal in the mid 60s. Temps should rebound the rest of the week to just below seasonal norms (mid 70s), but there will be increasing chances of rain as we head toward the weekend. Thursday looks like the best possibility for thunderstorms. This pattern of slightly cool temperatures with mostly overcast conditions and chances of rain should continue into early next week.

For a detailed look at the rest of the week and weekend, scroll down to Jason's post from yesterday immediately below. Due to technical difficulties out of our control, his post did not publish live until late yesterday.

May Ramblings

May is still a month where we can get a lot of variance. It is a unique month as well, in that it doesn't really have a corollary with another month. It is quite a bit cooler than June and September and significantly warmer than April and October. We have seen the variability in just the last few years. May 2003 finished averaging 4 degrees below normal. Only 7 of the 31 days were above normal with as many days in the 50s as the 80s. It was our second wettest and second coldest May in the last 50 years.

But just one year later, May 2004 was our second warmest in the last 50 years averaging over 6 degrees above normal and over 10 degrees warmer than May 2003. Only 7 days were below normal and the temperature hit 80 degrees 20 times, including 5 instances of 89 or higher. As with most Mays, May 2006 will likely finish in between these 2 extremes, but should showcase the different feels of this transition month. So it's likely we'll have some days like yesterday with rain and highs in the 50s, and others where the mercury nears 90 degrees. Look for our summer outlook next week.

Image Above Courtesy of Accuweather

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