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Springlike Saturday

Jason Samenow @ 6:08 AM

Temperatures have been cooler than average the last 13 days. Today, we'll extend the streak to two weeks. But when cooler than average is a high near 75 under mostly sunny skies (despite a mostly cloudy start), most people will take it.


Weak high pressure will build in from the west allowing for a nice, dry day. Expect partly (AM) to mostly (PM) sunny skies with highs 70-75. There will be a moderate west to northwesterly breeze at about 10-20mph. The weather will be GREAT for all outdoor activities. See Camden's post from yesterday and for activity ideas.


After a cool start (near 50), a weak cold front will approach the region in the afternoon bringing a very slight (20%) chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. Otherwise, expect partly cloudy skies, with highs in the low to mid 70s.

When Spring is Spring

Despite the recent streak of cooler than average days, the spring has been about average temperature-wise. Extreme heat or heat, period, however, has been noticeably absent. Interestingly, our hottest day this year actually occurred in winter -- way back on March 13 when it reached 85 degrees. The overwhelming majority of our days have been in the 60s and 70s as shown on the graph to the right. And that is, well, springlike.

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