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Forecast Still on Track, Circulation Off Carolinas Could Develop

Matt Ross @ 12:00 PM

The DC Metro Area is Still Under the Gun

The entire metro area is still on board for flooding rains this afternoon and evening. Continue to refer to this morning's post for important links and storm timeline.

Additionally, there is a possibility that an area of circulation currently off the South Carolina Coast could develop into a tropical depression and perhaps storm.

So, what is the impact for us?

The area of circulation was already expected to be a player in the current system, and is unlikely to develop quickly enough to have an impact on our area that differs from the one already forecast. Look for updates from the National Hurricane Center.

Here is the upshot:

Expect scattered storms to become more numerous this afternoon and evening. The line of rain to our west will start to pivot east and link up with the plume of moisture coming from the Carolinas. Areas of rain will become more consolidated as the moisture moves to the northeast. Flash Flooding, Road Closures, Strong to Severe Thunderstorms, and Training are likely. The consolidated area of rain will give way to scattered light showers during the overnight hours.

Stay Tuned for Updates this afternoon and evening.

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