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Kinda Muggy & a Tad Unsettled This Afternoon

A. Camden Walker @ 4:40 AM

UPDATE 4:00pm - brief, but intense, winds & rain currently pelting points in & around the Beltway...Not much activity appears behind this batch, for the immediate Metro Area.

Forecast: Sunny Morning & Eighty this Afternoon

CLOUDS: afternoon levels are uncertain and could prevent our warmingLocal downpours last night set the stage, at least downtown, for a muggy morning. Temperatures will quickly rise to 80 around noontime, but be prevented from reaching 85 by more afternoon clouds. Chances of rain are about 15% today, low enough to perhaps gamble NOT taking an umbrella with you. Nationals fans (NatCast below) needn't worry but about possible residual rainwater unevaporated from their seats after this morning's rain.

Tonight should be free of hail (as seen in Steve's Post yesterday) with low temperatures dipping into the lower 50s in exurban spots, but only to 61 in the middle of downtown. Skies will be partly cloudy most of the night.

Saturday & Sunday: Low Humidity, but Rain?

morning clouds will prohibit getting above 70° fastSaturday should be glorious, with a dry breeze all day. Sunshine prevails and we make a run at 80° again, but with LOW HUMIDITY! Wear the sunscreen. Chances of rain remain low until late night.

Sunday will be less warm, with middle 70s for a high. Be cautious during the early morning and late afternoon, however. Showers may run through town around dawn, but greater chances of increasing clouds in the afternoon may have an accompanying shower. But these showers should remain few and far between, I'd say. Otherwise, it will be sunny & pleasant. You may need a windbreaker in the early morning, as lows will have dipped--for most--into the mid-50s.

Gallery: Week-in-Photography

Kevin Ambrose photography for CapitalWeather.comby Ian Livingston
Nimbostratus photograph by Kevin Ambrose (left). Photos in & around RFK by Ian Livingston (top/bottom right ).
by Ian Livingston

Weekend Activities

FRIDAY - SUNDAY at Fairfax Government Center:

Saturday will be absolutely wonderful. This would be my preferred day to get out to Fairfax. On Sunday, there will be a little less sunshine than Saturday, with a morning sprinkle and afternoon thundershowers possible. While both days will not feel too "sticky," Saturday (80°) will be warmer than Sunday by about 5 degrees.

SATURDAY 10:00am Georgetown marina area:

Saturday couldn't be a better summer morning for a run. Low humidity and slightly cool temperatures around 60. It's a great way to get a running tour of Georgetown (and the underpinnings of the Whitehurst Freeway!). Temperatures will be a "perfect" 72° as the race concludes. Wear sunscreen, runners!

SUNDAY 11:30am - 7:00pm Pennsylvania Ave:

The 31st annual Capital Pride street festival on Penn (between 7th and 3rd St & Constitution) will feature business booths, crafts, fanfare, and entertainers: Thelma Houston, Kimberley Locke, and more. I'd take a small umbrella if heading downtown after 5pm, but despite threats from showers, mid-70s will feel quite pleasant!

SUNDAY 12:00pm - 6:00pm Columbia Pike, Arlington:

The 11th Annual Columbia Pike Blues Festival is back "on the street" (between South Walter Reed Drive at Columbia Pike) featuring a slew of artists. Expect food, arts and crafts, and an array of family activities under mainly sunny skies and temperatures around 75. Make sure the kids wear sunscreen and that you park the car nearby in case a sudden shower pops up after 5pm!

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