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Transition Period and Hurricane Season Begin

Matt Ross @ 12:00 AM


Today we will see on and off clouds with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms at about 50-50. The better chance of rain will be in the afternoon with highs around 86 or 87. Rain chances increase tonight and Friday to the likely range and temps should hold in the upper 70s to around 80 on Friday. Saturday looks like the beginning of a cooler, drier period with highs seasonably cool in the mid and upper 70s through Tuesday.

Pictured: A very pretty sky over Tyson's Corner yesterday, courtesy of Photographer, Kevin Ambrose.

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Welcome to Hurricane Season, Technology Edition

While hurricane season has started, hopefully we are still a ways away from our first major storm of the season. However, that won't stop me from giving you some of the best tools I found from last year's hurricane season. Feel free to leave your own finds in the comments.

  • A good interactive tracking map: Maps are a dime a dozen on the internet, but this one provided by StormAdvisory combines great historical tracks, an easy to use interface, and a quick to load webpage.

  • Google Earth hurricane addons: Google Earth, a downloadable application that streams satellite images to your desktop (currently available for Windows and Mac) has the great ability to take other internet data and overlay it onto the maps. Linked are 2 files (must have Google Earth installed to use) that I have used to track hurricanes and the conditions that allow them to thrive:

    • National Hurricane Center data: This set of overlays will provide you with official NHC positions, forecast tracks, cloud cover and buoy data for the Gulf and the Atlantic.

    • Rainfall, winds, and water temperatures: This set of overlays will display for you rainfall estimates from all over the globe, as well as estimated surface winds and sea surface temperatures.

  • And finally for some more information before the season gets going, what can be better than learning about the hurricane hunters themselves. A quick FAQ that will tell you all the great history you need to know about the men (and women) who fly into the eye of the storm. And of course, a link to the official Hurricane Hunters webpage.
As the season continues, I will link to new tools and sites periodically as I find them, so as always, continue to check back.

Have you seen Tom Sater?

By now, hopefully most of you have already voted in CapitalWeather's latest poll, asking "Which ex-DC weathercaster do you miss the most?" Actually, so many of you have voted that we have easily surpassed our previous record for votes, with over 575 votes at the time of this post. But it sure seems something funny is going on. As DCRTV noted yesterday, we have been experiencing a little bit of ballot stuffing for those former Channel 5ers. Is Channel 5 management behind it? Tony Perkins trying to get some more help in the mornings? Perhaps the ex-DC mets themselves? We have no idea, but it is interesting regardless.

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