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A Mouthful of Mugginess - Expect More of the Same

A. Camden Walker @ 4:40 AM

This is July, and it will feel like it today. The mid-Summer's act will continue to play onward through the weekend. You won't need to rinse after brushing your teeth with all this humidity!


Very Uncomfortable, Grab the Umbrella. A few could reach the 90 degree mark today, but all of us will see mid-80s with oppressive mugginess and a 40% chance of an afternoon storm. Considerable cloudiness could be our saving grace in terms of temperature. Still, dewpoints are so high that our morning low only got down to 75. Drink plenty of water and wear light colored, breathable clothes for your workplace's casual Fridays.
Forecast Confidence: Medium-High

Pictured: Late-day storm near Baltimore taken by photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Tonight will feel familiar, if you are from Miami. Under mostly cloudy skies, we will be hard pressed to sink below 77 degrees. It will never feel cool tonight. As you continue to sweat, you may feel Mother Nature's sprinkles from above as well--25% chance exists for more thundershower activity after 8pm, until almost 2am.


airmass thunderstorms may pop, but only slight chanceHazy Sunshine. We won't see much of the direct sunlight...but thank goodness, with highs hitting the upper 80s, to around 90. Expect to take about three showers today, especially since there's a lower chance (30%) of a "natural shower" to help relieve you.


More Intolerable Heat. The mid-70s for a morning low temperature, going up to perhaps 92°, makes for your average July experience in DC. You are used to this by now, right? Thunderstorms shouldn't threaten many outdoor activities. The high pressure system that is building heat into our area this weekend, will simultaneously place an atmospheric cap on any towering cumulus clouds attempting to offer us relieving rain.

Weekend Activities

Potomac Whitewater Festival
SATURDAY: Great Falls, VA

Get in that water and cool off! From 8:30am-9:30pm there will be exciting kayak competitions and other river traversing challenges. The best time for viewing may be early-on, before storms threaten in the mid-afternoon and it becomes very warm. Don't wade too deeply into those Great Falls rapids, unless you are competing! (I know I'd be tempted, too)

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