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Saturday: Simmering but Serene

Jason Samenow @ 8:44 AM

This weekend's forecast, compared to last weekend's, is a walk in the park. No deluge to worry about, just some characteristic DC summertime heat....

Forecast Confidence: Very High
Mostly sunny and hot. As Camden mentioned yesterday, we'll have full sunshine and just a touch of humidity as high pressure sits over the Mid-Atlantic. The high temperature will be near 90. It's a great pool or beach day...just be sure to wear sunscreen--the UV Index will be 9--which is very high. Overnight, expect fair skies and a low near 70 (65-70 in the suburbs).

Outdoor enthusiasts may find this Washington Post article interesting: One's Place in Food Chain Molds Post-Storm Prospects. Excerpt:
About 172 billion gallons of rainwater fell on the District and Montgomery and Fairfax counties this week, in time for one of summer's biggest recreational weekends. Is that bad?

If you are a large fish, mosquito, tree, tomato plant or angler, no. If you are a very small fish, an oyster, crab, kayaker or Little Leaguer, it's a problem.

Forecast Confidence: High
Sizzling, Sultry. As high pressure moves offshore, and southwesterly flow kicks in, the mercury will climb upwards and so will humidity levels. Expect a high in the low to mid 90s, and maximum heat indices of 93-97. An isolated storm could pop up in the evening (25% chance).

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