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Slightly Sizzlin' Saturday

A. Camden Walker @ 10:25 AM

It will be sunny and hot today. Simple discomfort is the name of the game, right? Make sure to wear that sunscreen! The UV index will be high.


Very Uncomfortable, Little Relief. Low 90s and high dewpoints really will keep it uncomfortable. I thought yesterday that we might get a small "break" today from the 90s, but it appears we won't, now. While almost a carbon copy of yesterday's temps & humidity, today we'll add unfiltered, scorching sun and little in the way of showers(15%) to relieve our sultry afternoon. Forecast Confidence: Medium-High

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Tonight won't cool off at all. Mid-70s will be about as low as most of us go! Little chance of rain exists and skies may actually stay fairly clear (and haze-free) for once! Get out that telescope for rare summer star-gazing... at least this is rare for urbanites, surely...

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