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Sunday Heat Only A Sign Of More To Come?

Jamie Jones @ 9:29 AM

Finding ways to stay cool will be the rule as we start ramping up today into what may very well be our hottest stretch of this summer. The National Weather Service has issued this Special Weather Statement regarding the coming week's heat.


Forecast Confidence: High-Very HighHeat builds in. Hazy, hot and humid with high temps of 91-94. Someone, somewhere may be lucky enough to see a tiny pop-up shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon or early evening, but the large majority of the metro area will likely stay rain-free.

Tomorrow could be a couple of degrees warmer. Jason will have the scorching week-ahead forecast -- which will likely include triple-digit temperatures -- in his post tomorrow.

Fishing on a hot, sunny day at Burke Lake.
Fishing on a hot, sunny day at Burke Lake. (photo by photographer Kevin Ambrose)

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