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Temps, Humidity on the Upswing

Dan Stillman @ 12:40 AM

Evening Update: We'll continue to see a very slight chance of an isolated shower or storm in the metro area through about 7pm, after which we should be in the clear. Under partly cloudy skies, evening temps should drop slowly through the upper 70s to a low near 70 in town, mid 60s in outlying areas. See below for the rest of the forecast through the weekend.

After yesterday's unusually dry conditions -- dewpoints were in the low 60s for much of the day -- humidity creeps back up again for today. Temperatures are also on the rise, and by tomorrow the heat and humidity will be combining for that all-too-familiar one-two punch.


Forecast Confidence: HighWarm, increasing humidity. Under partly cloudy skies, look for high temps in the range of 85-88, and dewpoints returning to the mid-to-upper 60s (still not so bad for late July). Slight chance (20%) of an isolated thunderstorm in the late afternoon or early evening. Overnight, partly cloudy with a low near 70 in town, mid 60s in the burbs.

Sunset yesterday evening

Pictured: A colorful sunset, as seen yesterday evening from Fairfax, Va., by photographer Kevin Ambrose.


Forecast Confidence: HighVery warm, fairly humid. The mugginess starts to reassert itself along with with some heat, too. Hazy sunshine should warm temps to a high near 90. Once again, an isolated thunderstorm could pop up (20% chance) during the late afternoon or evening. Overnight, partly to mostly clear with lows around 75 in town, near 70 in the burbs.

Click here for the detailed forecast through the weekend.

Piling on the Corps

Add Alexandria residents to those blaming high water on the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps continues to be criticized for not having shored up New Orleans levees before Hurricane Katrina struck, and now there's growing questions as to whether the Corps didn't do enough in recent years to prevent the kind of flooding that washed over Fairfax County's Huntington neighborhood last month.


  • A quiet start to the hurricane season doesn't necessarily mean it will stay quiet, the Roanoke Times reports.
  • An intense California heat wave, now in its second week, threatens to put more people in the dark.

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