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TGIF - The Mugginess Doesn't Matter! (UPDATED)

A. Camden Walker @ 11:02 AM

*NOON UPDATE: The main characteristic of thunderstorms this afternoon and this weekend will be copious amounts of rain. A few could be classified as severe, but we are only at "slight risk" for this. Steve will have a comprehensive Afternoon Update to discuss this further. Stay tuned!

So you say you are used to, now, 96 degree highs... and when I say "89 degrees" you balk as if I insult your heat tolerance?


Very Uncomfortable, Isolated Rain Relief. A few could reach the 90 degree mark today, but all of us will see mid-80s with oppressive mugginess. There's only a 25% chance of an afternoon storm (but between 8pm-midnight a HIGHER chance), so umbrellas are likely unnecessary for worktime today. Clouds may be ominous at times, but do not think this allows us a cool day. Dewpoints will be high, breezes only spasmodic, and haze exerting its summertime translucence on the city.
Forecast Confidence: Medium-High

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Tonight graces us with mid-70s. Did you need clear skies? You aren't going to get it. Wear an undershirt to prevent sweat-marks and extra dry cleaning bills.


airmass thunderstorms may pop, but only slight chanceMuggy & Cloudy. We won't see much direct sunlight...but thank goodness, with highs hitting the mid-80s, accompanied by high humidity. Expect afternoon showers today, especially since there's a higher chance (55%) of thunderstorms in our area.


Cool & Decreasing Mugginess. With a slight shift in wind direction behind a summer Cold Front, we'll experience lower-80s and partly cloudy conditions. Don't think rain isn't a threat, however. There's still a 35% chance of a solid dousing in your neighborhood, so I would leave the sunscreen at home but TAKE THE UMBRELLA!

Weekend Activities

RFK renovation for Nationals

The 1:20pm game should go off without a hitch. Skies won't be bright, but you will be "enjoying" the lower-80s and filtered sunshine after the heat earlier this week. Keep an eye to the sky after the 8th inning. Otherwise, the renovated stadium's RED CARPET TREATMENT should stay dry and presentable for fans, throughout most of the game.

RFK Grand ReOpening
1:05pm should be a great time before any showers develop. All you have to know is that you'll be more comfortable with the humidity levels at the end of the game, than at the beginning. I'd go on Sunday, versus Saturday, because of a higher chance of sunshine, too. But this means you'll need the sunscreen.

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