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Archetypical August Day: 85 & Humid

A. Camden Walker @ 4:40 AM

If you have turned "on" your August Acclimation, then you won't mind temperatures that feel 90 to 95 the next few days, right? Even yesterday, Josh nailed the forecast in his post, alerting all of us to prepare for muggy conditions & some thunderstorms this weekend.


Some Clouds, No Rain. We'll all attain 85° today in between some moments of clouds. Prepare for an average, not oppressive, level of mugginess. Don't speed walk to or from work today -- you will break a sweat in this humidity. Those of you with Casual Fridays: Enjoy!
Forecast Confidence: High-Very High
Pictured: I captured Logan Circle Park (13th&P,NW) at dawn this morning

Tonight should bottom out around 70° downtown. Mid-60s will grace the lucky suburbs around & outside the Beltway. Cloudcover will be thick and pervasive tonight, along with rising dewpoints making it feel more and more sticky.


airmass thunderstorms may pop, but only slight chanceUnpleasant Upper 80s. This won't feel like the best of days with temperatures striving for 90, and heat indices easily surpassing this level. Dewpoints will be high, cloudcover may give intermittent breaks from the sun, and we've got a 20% chance of a thunderstorm. Drinks lots of water and hope that late afternoon breezes stir up enough temporary refreshment.


Murky & Very Warm. Wake up temperatures could be in the mid-70s downtown, and showers could wet the landscape, briefly, before dawn. 88 degrees for a high will feel like 94. Dewpoints will be at Floridian levels, so take it easy when the sun pops out. Substantial clouds combined with a breeze will make for an ok morning and early afternoon. More significant rain probably will rumble through after 3:00pm. We'll keep you updated throughout the weekend on storm chances.

Weekend Activities

Redskins vs. Jets
Saturday, 8pm, FedEx Field

There is the slightest chance of a passing shower or thunderstorm, especially leading up to or shortly after kickoff. The better odds, however, are that we'll get through the game rain free. Either way, there will be plenty of moisture in the air, in the form of humidity. Expect a muggy evening with kickoff temps around 80. Partly cloudy skies and humid air will keep temps from dropping very far -- mid-to-upper 70s by the 2-minute warning.

Arlington Co. Fair
ALL WEEKEND: 3501 S. 2nd St, Jefferson Community Center

Get in those Goat Races early! Thunderstorms could threaten after mid-afternoon each day, especially Sunday. UV won't be terribly high with clouds around, but I'd still wear the sunscreen. Drink plenty of water in this weekend mugginess & try for light-colored clothing. Pig rides might also be a nice change of pace in the humidity... you may want to roll in the cool mud yourself?

Comcast Film Festival
THREE EVENING MOVIES LEFT: Strathmore - Bethesda

I'm a little nervous about the movie on Sunday. There's a solid chance of thunderstorms moving through the area. So, if you have a choice, head to Friday night (virtually zero chance of rain) or Saturday night (20%). The mugginess only increases, onward through the weekend. Oh, and don't forget your bug repellent. No need to get bitten everywhere while supporting some good charities!

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair
ENDS SUNDAY: Gaithersburg - Perry Pkwy

If you are on the north side of the Potomac this weekend, this fair may suit your needs as well as the Arlington Co. offerings. The big draw might be the monster trucks that will do a "demolition derby" show on Saturday. Take your poncho just in case; but this recommendation goes more for Sunday late-afternoon events. You may just eek by with mugginess and patches of mud on the fair grounds (from overnight rain). Check back at before heading out to the Grounds!

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