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Breezy & Beautiful - Autumnal Preview?!

A. Camden Walker @ 5:45 AM

Slightly breezy conditions under sunny skies will make lower 80s very enjoyable. Look for decreasing humidity onward through the day!


Very Comfortable. Breezes will usher in increasingly comfortable air (lower dewpoints) through the day today. Highs will be in the lower 80s and skies will be mostly sunny, with just a few clouds after some overcast conditions in the middle morning time-frame. Rain chances are virtually non-existent today, so enjoy!

Forecast Confidence: High

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Tonight should dip into the low 60s downtown. Some of you cooler suburbs will see the "5" as your first digit in your temperature by dawn. It will be impressively cool, and very refreshing. Skies should be mostly clear. We are getting a taste of Autumn!


airmass thunderstorms may pop, but only slight chanceStill Great. Skies will be mainly sunny, rain chances virtually zero, and highs around 80. I think this may be a contender for our NICE DAY STAMP. It hasn't been inked for quite sometime. Wear your sunscreen if outdoors for extended periods-- and enjoy!


Refreshing is as Refreshing does. Lower 80s, and dewpoints in the 50s make me think of September. It will be a splendid day for outdoor activity in the DC area. Get out there and revel in it. We aren't done with summer, despite this Autumnal tease. With all the sun this weekend, remember that sunscreen still protects against the strong August sun.

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