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The Dog Days of Summer: Still Barking...

A. Camden Walker @ 5:42 AM

Why, just yesterday morning we here at thought the weekend temperatures would be pleasant. However, oops, it will be hot and a little sticky. Will you forgive and forget if I promise that rain won't be a widespread problem?


Forecast Confidence: High-Very HighServing up a muggy 90. I hate the analogy "like a broken record" but, honestly, here we go... again. 90 degrees, moderately muggy conditions, and a stationary front nearby will throw some clouds n' haze around the Beltway today. Shower chances stand at around 10%; I'd voice an all-clear if not for the old codger front hanging around. I'll help by keeping an eye on radar as much as possible, but there's no need to cram your umbrella in your Jansport if you don't have room. photographer Kevin Ambrose photographs an August Wildflower (and Phasmida insect), yesterday.

Tonight should bottom out around 73°downtown. Mid-60s will grace the suburbs around & outside the Beltway, but we'll all keep our hazy coating. Cloudcover will not be too pervasive tonight, but it will be murky and generally not the clearest air for any sort of stargazing.


airmass thunderstorms may pop, but only slight chanceSunny & Hot. 93 degrees, my friend, is the best I can do. Drink plenty of water, especially if the sun shines as much as I'm expecting (brighter than Friday). Dewpoints may be under control, but you'll still be sweating--trust me. I foresee a 20% chance of thundershowers, especially south of town, plus a decent late-afternoon breeze should mitigate the heat for most of us.


Tropical Breezes & Sun. I'm trying to make 90 degrees and Gulf of Mexico-level humidity sound inviting. While it is true that, as with last Sunday, we'll have lots of stirring of the air, I don't think you'll appreciate it all that much with sunshine, heat, and dewpoints around 70. Temperatures will start off around 70 even in the suburbs and the day will end with, perhaps, an isolated thunderstorm. Despite our dry pattern tending to quash our rain lately, we'll keep you updated on anything that might disturb your outdoor plans!

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