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Normal Conditions Return

Matt Ross @ 12:00 AM

Normal temps return today and set the tone for the rest of the week and weekend as we see a moderate cool down from our 12 straight days of 90+ degree readings.


Forecast Confidence: HighSeasonable Warmth. Today will be a mix of sun and clouds with a noticeable breeze out of the north. Our streak of 90 degree days will likely come to an end with afternoon highs around 88. I would say we have only a 20% chance of our 90+ streak continuing. See more on that below.

Forecast Confidence: High
Beautiful Day. Wednesday will be our 1st really nice day in a long time. Look for a dry, gentle breeze and brilliant sunshine with highs only around 83. Refer to Jason's forecast for the rest of the week and weekend.

Image Courtesy of Accuweather

The End of the Heat Wave

As Jason referenced yesterday, we saw our 12th consecutive 90+ degree day. In the last 30 years, we have seen a streak this long only 10 times, and this is the 1st such streak since 1999 when we had a formidable 18 days in a row of 90+.

Here are some stats for the current streak and where they (rank) among the other 10 streaks of the last 30 years:

Average Temp: 85.7 (1)
Average Max Temp: 94.8 (4)
Average Min Temp: 76.5 (1)
Length of Streak: 12 Days (10)

While we have had longer streaks, you can see that this one was fairly intense. Of the other streaks in the group, several stand out as impressive. The extremely hot summer of 1980 saw 2 streaks. The 1st at 21 days is the longest of the group. The second at 14 days is impressive as it occurred in late August and early September when average temps are measurably lower than the heart of summer. Another 14 day streak that defied climatology occurred entirely within June of 1994, the only streak with any June days. The streak of July 1993 was not only impressive for its length (16 days), but also for the 3 straight 100 degree days during its heart. 2006 will best be remembered for its extremely warm nights and the hottest day since 1999.

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