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On Our Way to Getting Better

A. Camden Walker @ 4:15 AM

It will be hot today at 95° but less putrid. We should all look forward to our break from the heat this weekend.


Very Uncomfortable, But Records safe. Low-to-Mid 90s--along with sunshine--will be widespread today. A slight northwesterly breeze behind last night's cold front has given us a small break in our oppressive mugginess as well. There is a one in three chance your area will experience a shower today, so keep an eye out with us here at

Forecast Confidence: HighImage of last night's Thunderstorm over Fairfax county, provided by Kevin Ambrose(clickable)

Tonight should dip into the low 70s downtown. Perhaps upper 60s in the lucky suburbs around the Beltway. There's a 20% chance of more thundershower activity (less intense, shorter duration) after dark. Skies will begin to clear more after midnight tonight.


airmass thunderstorms may pop, but only slight chanceBelow 90! How lucky are we to hover below 90 degrees? Our dewpoint will be much more comfortable, around 60 degrees. Skies will only have a few clouds, and the thunderstorm threat remains very low. Enjoy!


Closer to Reality. 90° or 91° is on the horizon for Sunday, so appreciate our nice Saturday weather. Also there's a higher (15%) chance of an afternoon storm today; their intensity feeding off of slightly higher dewpoints than Saturday. It will be moderately sunny, with a slight breeze, until those afternoon cumulus congestus clouds begin to build on the horizon.

Weekend activities delayed, for a moment. Apologies.

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