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Summer Keeps On Keepin' On

Matt Ross @ 12:00 AM

Continuity is the name of the game as dry and seasonable conditions persist.


Forecast Confidence: High Warm, Only a Touch of Humidity. Today will be sunny in the morning, becoming partly sunny in the afternoon. Highs will reach 85-87 degrees with a light breeze. Humidity will be slightly higher than yesterday, with dewpoints reaching the low 60s, but still comfortable for August.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Forecast Confidence: High Seasonably Warm and Dry. Tonight will be mostly clear with lows of 65-68. Wednesday will be sunny with afternoon highs of 86-89 and still pleasant humidity levels. See Jason's forecast for the rest of the week and potentially hot weekend.

Tropical Depression Four gets going east of the Cape Verde Islands, courtesy of Dundee University, UK.

Tropical Depression Four

August is almost over and only the fourth depression of the tropical season has formed. In last year's record season we had 10 depressions at this point and Katrina was just a week away from striking the coast. TD #4 may become a player as it moves west-northwest over the next few days. While recurvature is still on the table, chances are increasing that it will take a more westerly path and slip under a developing ridge. If this happens, then we may be looking at a storm approaching the Caribbean a week to 10 days from now. It is very early, but worth staying tuned for.


To be sure, we have had a hot August so far. Average temps are running over 2 degrees above normal and only 5 out of 21 days have been below normal so far this month. Nevertheless, Dallas has had it much worse. Not a single of the 21 days in August has been below normal. Despite the average high in August being in the low to mid 90s, Dallas has seen a high at or above 100 every single day this August except for one. On August 7th the high temp was a chilly 94 degrees. A top 10 Dallas August looks to be a lock, but the record 1952 August(Average high of 103.5 degrees) will likely be safe. In our own backyard, we will probably see August end 1-2 degrees above average, but not quite up there with the hottest on record.

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