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Autumnal Perfection, Please Don't Go

A. Camden Walker @ 4:40 AM

This is it. The last day of our gorgeous three-day streak of perfect-feeling weather. It won't stay sunny all day today, but the very comfortable "room temperature" reverts back to our more familiar summertime setting on the thermostat for the weekend.


Forecast Confidence: HighLower 70s & Partly Cloudy. What a comfortable day DC has in store today. A high around the oft-touted 72° should be enjoyable for all! Southerly flow is reestablishing itself and bringing in some clouds, as our Canadian high pressure system moves off the coast. There won't be any precipitation accompanying the building clouds, so don't worry about rain gear. Breezy conditions from the south this afternoon, along with more clouds, forebode our less-perfect weekend ahead (but the bar has been set very high, right?).

Cirrus clouds over Annapolis yesterday, wispy and windswept by the jet stream. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Tonight we'll be socked-in with overcast skies and perhaps see a slight chance of a shower, though nothing substantial. Clouds and southerly wind will keep low temperatures fairly uniform throughout the area, in the lower 60s. By dawn you may be surprised at the return to perceptible mugginess! Alas, it is still September.


80+Partly Sunny. Our southerly wind will persist and continue to do its thing by Saturday. Increasing mugginess and high temperatures in the lower 80s will feel vaguely familiar. The sun will have to fight significant clouds, but it shouldn't be a dismal day. I think our highest chance (20%) for a shower is during the early-to-mid afternoon hours. You may see some tourists on The Mall scamper at the first spitting shower, but hardened Washingtonians need not worry about damp clothes or any sort of persistent rain.


Breezy, Warm, Chance PM Storm. Ah, that warm wind off the Gulf of Mexico will re-introduce you to a morning low near 70, sweating-while-you-stand humidity, and afternoon thundershowers (50% chance) courtesy the strong storm system approaching from the west. Afternoon high temperatures should be near 85 for most of the area, despite the lack of bright sunshine. Stay tuned to for updates on any showers and storms that may head through the area on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Gallery: Week-in-Photography

Ian Livingston for CapitalWeather.comby Ian Livingston
Photos in & around DC's Mt. Pleasant by Ian Livingston (left/top right). Annapolis photograph by Kevin Ambrose (below).
Kevin Ambrose photography for

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