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Got to Admit, It's Getting Better: Weekend Clearing

A. Camden Walker @ 6:24 AM

Remember yesterday? I don't want to reminisce either. But the skies still won't be clear today and we'll have some dampness here and there. Now let's take a hard look at whether of not the weekend may be salvageable...


Forecast Confidence: High-Very HighLower 70s & Mostly Cloudy. You probably still want those rain jackets, but don't expect the "intense drizzle" and showers of Thursday. There'll only be a few showers under mostly gray skies. We will struggle but still get into the lower 70s. It doesn't look as though we will be as socked-in as yesterday, but still: Blehh!

A look toward Canal Road from underneath the Whitehurst Freeway, by Camden Walker.

Tonight we'll still be in the murkiness. Overcast skies will keep temperatures fairly uniform throughout the area, around 60 degrees. It won't be the worst of nights, but some drizzle may put a damper on your outings and tempt you to hail a cab.


The Sky Lightens! I think that we'll have overcast skies through midday, but afternoon skies will allow for peeks of sunshine. 78 degrees might seem refreshing, and wonderfully warm as we dry out the dampness we've had this week. There very well may be a stray shower in the morning, but you are used to carrying your groceries in this soup, right?


Finally Fantastic. We'll wake up to 60 degrees, with an actual SUNrise. Southerly breezes will kick in, to continue our drying out and warming trend. A high temperature of 84 or 85 is in the cards. Enjoy the blue skies, the warmth, and do not--under any circumstances--wish the drizzle-storm to return!

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