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Mundane Weather we can ALL Appreciate

A. Camden Walker @ 4:45 AM

With no oppressive humidity, no hot temperatures, and no large storms brewing on the horizon, what more could you want out of the weekend! Temperatures in the 80s--accompanied by sunshine--should make a splendid, enjoyable, next few days.


Forecast Confidence: High-Very HighPleasant, Average 82° Please, please leave the umbrella at home. Your bag may need room for shorts to change into after work! Lots of sunshine, especially as the day goes on, will illuminate The Mall (for frisbee) or Rock Creek Park (for golf) or any outdoor concert you may be going to at, say, Wolf Trap. It will be comfortable as we touch our average high of 82 degrees along with dewpoints that are under control, in the lower 60s.

Key Bridge Canoers (by A. Camden Walker) looking forward to more great river weather this weekend!

Tonight downtown will bottom out in the mid-60s. Dulles, representative of a cooler spot, will likely land closer to 60°. Skies may be fairly clear in the pre-dawn hours & breezes will be light out of the southwest. As it looks right now, this wind trajectory (out of the "warm direction") won't heat us up too severely for Saturday...


Sunny & 85. I think that despite a warmer temperature, this day will feel perhaps MORE comfortable than Friday. Dewpoints will be lower and thus your perspiration will evaporate more quickly. I believe sun will rule the day, but look for a few fair weather cumulus clouds around. The mid-levels of the atmosphere will be more moist, but there's only a 15% chance (that's nothing!) of a stray shower from said clouds!


Lovely Breeze, Lovely Day. Did you say you want more sunshine for that autumnal tan? Wake up to wonderful fall conditions in the upper-50s (such as in Fredericksburg) to middle-60s downtown. All accompanied by a slight northerly breeze, ushering ever increasingly comfortable air. It won't feel like October, however, since we'll probably reach our average high of 82 degrees.

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