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Thanks for the Rain, Can we have our Sun back?

A. Camden Walker @ 11:20 AM

For your Friday, how about a high in the upper 60s under clearing skies this afternoon? It will be quite windy though. Yesterday's storms brought a nice inch of rain to the downtown area (around 14th & K St. NW), slightly less at National Airport. The real action was in Anne Arundel County where a tornado touched down and left thousands without power.


Forecast Confidence: HighUpper 60s & Clearing. It won't be the fastest clearing of the skies, but it will begin brightening by late morning. Windy conditions, at times, may remind you that a cold front just passed through DC. It will be a little chilly in the shade, despite temperatures briefly touching 67 or 68 this afternoon. Northwesterly flow will dry us out quickly, and filter in dry, unmuggy air.

Evening storm captured near Oakton, VA, yesterday. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Tonight the wind will calm down and skies will be partly cloudy. By dawn, however, we may get socked in with overcast skies. Low temperatures inside the Beltway will stay just above 50, but upper 30s could be experienced in a few spots nearer the Blue Ridge mountains.


The Showers Return. Well, despite a dry forecast given by through the week for Saturday, we may have to contend with showers after all. The return of overcast skies & afternoon showers is not what I want to hear either. But that appears to be a likely scenario with upper-level energy moving through. Temperatures will be in the lower 70s throughout the region, on that I can at least reassure you. It won't be a washout and it won't be uncomfortable ... but still, it's unfortunate I can't forecast the picture-perfect Saturday for you.


Struggling to Clear & Warm. Wake-up temps will be slightly humid and in the middle-to-upper 50s. The ground will likely be damp after pre-dawn showers. Rain chances quickly diminish as the skies brighten by midday. If we see more sun during the afternoon, I may be able to say 77 as the high; however, I want to be conservative and say 73 degrees for now. And, yup, it looks like our trend of breeziness will continue, with gusts to 20mph during Sunday afternoon. What is this, March?

Gallery: Storm Photography

David AbbouDavid Abbou

Storm photos from Stafford Co. by visitor David Abbou (top, bottom right). Oakton, VA, cumulonimbus cloud by Kevin Ambrose (bottom left).

Kevin Ambrose photography for CapitalWeather.comDavid Abbou

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