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Autumn Nipping at Your Nose
Freeze Warnings, Frost Advisories in Effect for Suburbs

A. Camden Walker @ 2:00 PM

A sunny but crisp day is on tap, to be followed by a very cold night. After an afternoon high in the upper 50s, tonight's lows will likely fall into the upper 30s downtown, and could dip into the upper 20s in areas as close in as Montgomery and Fairfax counties. As a result, Freeze Warnings and Frost Advisories are in effect for areas surrounding the District.


Forecast Confidence: HighBlue Skies. Most thermometers will touch the upper 50s late this afternoon under clear, sunny skies. A SW breeze may make it feel a few degrees cooler than the actual temperature, especially if you are in the shade. There's no chance of rain, only clear sailing. Enjoy this autumn weather, but bundle up if staying out this evening.


Freeze Warnings, Frost Advisories. That semi-constant breeze will let up just a bit, and clear skies will allow all daytime radiation to escape from the surface. Lows should be in the mid-to-upper 30s inside the Beltway, while upper 20s are possible to the north and west. A Freeze Warning is in effect north and west of DC, and a Frost Advisory south and east.

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Sunny, Solid Day. It will be slightly milder, around 63 degrees for a high. Our breeze will pick up a bit from the west and southwest in the afternoon, but skies will be mostly sunny. Enjoy a great day outdoors, maybe even play some frisbee on The Mall! Overnight, a small reinforcing shot of polar air will enter our area without fanfare. Expect lows near 40 downtown, mid-30s in the suburbs.

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Continued Dry & Cool. Skies will have a few more clouds than we've seen for the last two days, but still no chance for rain. High temperatures will not moderate beyond the lower 60s, but we're getting used to this Fall-like high temperature, right? You may begin to notice more dry skin, along with moody sinuses that dislike our low dewpoints & chilly autumn air from Canada.

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