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Quick Heat Wave

Matt Ross @ 12:00 AM

Late August-like temps on tap for the next couple days. Short-lived heat wave will yield to seasonably cool conditions toward the end of the week.


Forecast Confidence: HighSunny, Very Warm. High temps will not challenge the record of 92 degrees set way back in 1879. But afternoon highs should reach about 84 degrees, or about ten degrees above average.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighCarbon Copy. Tonight will be partly cloudy and warm. Overnight lows will only sink to 55-60 degrees. Wednesday will be partly sunny with highs again in the low to mid 80s. See Jason's forecast for the rest of the week and weekend.

16th Street on a beautiful October afternoon courtesy of Photographer, Ian Livingston

September Recap

September finished with an average temp of 67.8 degrees or 2.7 degrees below average. Even though that might not appear to be that cold, it was actually the 2nd coldest September since 1963. Only September 2000 was colder and just barely. September also finished with well above average precipitation even though it was confined to just a few days. As Steve mentioned, we are well ahead of pace precip wise for the year to date, even though it has been spread among fewer than average days.

There have been 9 Septembers(not counting 2006) that have finished 68 degrees or colder at National Airport(DCA) since records began there over 65 years ago. Every single one of the following winters had at least one month well below average(2 degrees colder than normal or more). I wouldn't put too much stock in this stat, but it should be encouraging to winter weather lovers that we still have the "ability" to go well below average for a month even in the midst of this very warm period the last couple of years. Winter Outlook now less than a month away.

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